Be sure ladies never to find yourself being found guilty of any of these beauty crimes. These are my personal dislikes, never should you be found guilty of and personal gripes that just make me go ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  1. Going to sleep in your makeup – This will lead to clogging your pores and most likely leave you with blackheads, spots and very congested skin. Such  a big no-no to those of you that wonder why your skin can’t get to the point of looking and feeling bright and healthy. I always say this is the first step in healthy skin.
  2. Painting over previous nail polish – Take the time to remove old nail varnish, by holding a saturated cotton wool pad (with varnish remover on) for about 15 -30 seconds to soften the painted varnish. This allows the varnish remover to penetrate through and breakdown the colour, allowing it to come off easier. Dont be tacky and leave it on now !
  3. Use old Mascara – Throw away old mascara if it has clogged up and has been in your make-up bag for more than a couple of months, 6-8 weeks. Having it for this long will surely have bacteria and germs on the wand. This could possible lead to you having a nasty eye infection.
  4. I wonder how many of you know that sharing mascara is a big no no aswell. I know we have all asked a mate/friend for mascara if we have forgotten it, but honestly this should never be done. Again bacteria, germs and worse still conjunctivitis can be caught from sharing mascara it just makes me cringe DO WITHOUT IT AND USE YOUR OWN ! False lashes can be bought last-minute and are a good alternative!
  5. Oh my days hmmmm face wipes, face wipes, face wipes. Where do I begin with this one. I just don’t like them, I call it lazy cleansing. Some may disagree and yes some of you have that skin that just is nearing perfect and you continue to have good healthy skin. But for those of you that have skin issues, wipes are not effective cleansing. They are better than using nothing but if you can use a face wash afterwards or alone this is better. Because wipes are wet they move around the oil,makeup and dirt around your skin and don’t take it all off properly.
  6. Biting nails – it’s just grimy, looks unpresentable, tacky and unclean. if you struggle with this there are plenty of products that have been made to help……bitter tasting polish is one of them. Or why not try having your nails professionally done, maybe with some tips on?
  7. squeezing spots – I know its hard to resist poking, prodding, squeezing bulging spots. What can i say…..cant say I havent done it in the past  before. But I can say that leaving them alone to their own device normally means that you wont be left with an everlasting scar on your face. Being dark-skinned scars tend to last that much longer. Also opening up a spot will give way to bacteria and it spreading….bye bye to one spot….hello to another,It’s a vicious circle !
  8. Mono brows – I know this my seem a little harsh, but come on……if you have let your brows overgrow and get out of hand…fix them! There is never any excuse for a mono (Two brows that join across the forehead and has little or no separation) I say,wax it, pluck it or see a professional about it….just basic grooming can change your face and make you look more presentable.

Ok so I think that’s enough of a rant, hope no-one was offended but ive wanted to do this list for ages now. And speaking with a few lovely ladies today I decided it had to be said. I laughed at some of these and I often huff as to me I believe if you put in he effort with your skin, you should reap and see some kind of benefit. It pays to take pride in yourself and this is what im trying to get across, don’t feel bad if you are guilty of some of these, just try your best to fix it and improve. A famous saying is ‘You live and learn’ put to  practice what you learn and know what the right thing to do is and im sure you will see a better more improved you xx

Remember to have a look through my blog as I have written plenty on looking after yourself, cleansing, nail care etc. I give my professional and personal advice for you to follow and learn from.

Any comments always welcome or if you would like advice I am happy to suggest and recommend also below xx

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