So here’s another one that I did yesterday, and I really enjoyed doing this design as it was fairly easy to do. I free-styled this one and just choose british colours and made up a design to represent the Great Britain flag. Hope you give it a go, as you can incorporate any colours really for his design.

First of all you will need these colours or at least similar colours to achieve this look. This is everything I used to do this design…oh and varnish remover for any mistakes.

I used Barry M, 17, Art decco nail art pens, and Bf nail art pens, a small tiny nail brush and a mixture of bronze/gold glitter



Start off by painting the red slanted on one side of the tips of your nails, then the same on the opposite side. (you may have to repeat to get it straight and to deepen the colour) remember to always use base coat so your nails dont stain.


You can see I have done both sides (with a steady hand and wiped away any smudges with a cuticle stick dipped in varnish remover.

I used my nail art pen to wipe a line on 1 side of the v to the point in the middle, again I wiped away any smudges with some varnish remover with a cuticle stick

I used my white nail art brush to wipe a line on the opposite side of all my nails

Blob a small circle of gold on for the Gold medal (or use a small brush to get an even circular shape)

I had to mix a polish and glitter to get the right colour mix here.

I used a silver glitter nail art pen to create the silver medal

Bronze, silver, gold

I done my other hand aswell, which was tricky but i didn’t do the medals on them

Both hands again

So hope you all are enjoying my Olympic inspired nail design series, more to come over the period. And remember to follow me on Twiiter and Facebook. if you have any particular countries you would like to do then let me know, and I will give it a try or if you want to leave a little comment below your welcome.

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