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What a lovely lovely , week and day I have had. The sun has finally come out and has certainly shone brightly here in the Uk. I’ve so far managed to have 2 yes 2 bbq’s and the view overlooking my garden is just beautiful. I’m really looking forward to the weekend as the olympics will be starting and wooooohooo I can’t wait. Its been such a good year with the jubilee and now the Olympics coming up. And just so you all know, I will be doing some Olympic nails to mark the occasion in the next week or so.

I’m going to be ordering myself some brand new brushes for my nail art as im feeling more adventurous and finding I need ultra fine brushes for more detail. If any of you have any suggestions please let me know so I can order myself some.

At the moment I am trialing a new product for my eyelashes (its top-secret) but I will let you all know when I can…..dont tell anyone !!!! Its killing me not being able to put any fake lashes on,I just want to put a few on, but im resisting and settling with mascara. I use the extreme Curl mascara from MUA which I have loved ever since I started using the range. Check out my review here.

Ok that’s it folks, im starting to write a product review now for you all to have a mooch at, I know its late but hey I enjoy it so happy days xx


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