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I have found myself repurchasing the Sally Hansen polish remover a few times so im guessing this means I like it and it works. I bought this from my local Asda for a few pounds and it is really good.

They actually do 4 different ones but I currently have the one for soft, thin nails. My nails aren’t actually that bad but I have been cleaning like crazy and havent been grooming them as much so wanted to make sure I was treating them with as much care as possible.

Now looking at the other ones they do I have also tried the normal remover for normal nail types. This too was ok and now that I know they do different ones for nail types I will choose more accordingly.

I normally say that polish remover is polish remover, but I have noticed a difference with this brand. Both I have tried have been moisturising to my nails and havent left them dry and dehydrated looking. The polish has slipped off very easily so no vigorous rubbing.

I know that Sally Hansen sells in Asda, Boots, Tesco’s, Sainburys and Superdrug chemist over here in the uk online or in store. They sell a 200ml bottle from £2.00  up to £2.45 a bottle depending where you purchase from. In any case the price is very reasonable and love how its available in so many stores.

It may be worth checking out the different types to see what suits your nails, each have a description recommending what one will be best for you.

Is there any you would recommend or any useful tips you would like to share, let me know xx

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