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So I did another set of nails yesterday erm Sunday now and yes yes I did a Olympic themed one. Using the Barry M colours,I have tried my best to do slightly different designs on all of my nails without repeating any.  I’m quite happy with how they have turned out and feel more confident with my little nail brush. However I am still awaiting my new nail art brushes which should be here any day now. My current one is on its last leg I think. Anyway this is my nails for the next few days for you to have a look at. Hope you like them.

I used my nail art brush to create this Olympic symbol (the green colour I mixed myself)

The olympic rings made using nail diamantees (easier way) I painted my nails with the Barry M matte white then stuck down the diamantees with top coat.


Ahhhh my favourite design so far. Took a long time but this got noticed. I painted the red first in glitter so it dried mega quick. (glitter lasts well also) and I used my nail art brush to do this with a very steady hand. I then painted the white and then added the blue with an actual nail pen from art decco.

I used the Barry M Red glitter and used a fine nail brush to do the detail.


I used the Barry M limited edition on my nail firstly. I then painted 3 lines. The art decco blue and Barry M red glitter with the matte white on the edge.

Barry M clear – Base coat and top coat to seal the colour and used as a base so my nails dont stain. Drys super fast aswell

Barry M – Black nail paint used to write the 2012 with my nail art brush. I applied a tiny amount to a card and then dipped my brush in to write 2012

This is a close up of my design

So there it is all, hope you like my design. Any questions or comments welcome. Now ive got to think about my next one for the Olympics, if you have suggestions please let me know below xx Remember to subscribe to my blog at the top right hand side of my blog RSS feed !

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