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Well ive finally tried out my new body exfoliator from Elemis. I bought this a few weeks ago after a lovely body massage and body scrub in a salon for my birthday. I treated myself to someone other than myself treating me. It was so nice to relax and let someone else treat me on my special birthday. I had such a relaxing day and  felt the benefits afterwards.

Now you must have all heard of Elemis………………yes, no ? Ok so Elemis is probably one of the more high-end spa brands that is sold on qvc and in spa’s all over the world. It is well-known amongst most beauty enthusiasts and product junkies. It seems the ginger and salt scrub is very well-known as a treatment and this is what I bought afterwards for at home use.

Now as crazy as it may seem I bought the 410g jar for like £37.00. CRAZY yes I know and really this was a big splurge for an exfoliator but I wanted to try at least something from this brand.

How does it feel

It feels nice but not much different to others I have tried really………….. quite a rough feeling if used alone on the skin without water. But I used it on very wet skin and found that it spread more and went a long way. It leaves an oily residue on the skin, which makes my skin feel very smooth and not needing moisturizer.

This is the scrub without water on my dry hand


This is the scrub mixed with water and just washed off (you can see the silky finish left on my skin)


Very nice but quite basic, and is a deep red colour……nothing more really. Oh a little label giving usage instructions.

It has a tight latch clip that ensures the product is completely locked in and closed securely


It does have a very lovely smell of the ginger which isn’t a harsh gingery smell combined with a soft lime scent. The smell isn’t very strong although I could smell it when using in the shower. It left a slight smell in the bathroom but not really on my skin. I was expecting this as I think its part of pampering to smell whatever your using and for it to linger a little (it didn’t) !


I paid around £37 for the jar, and this included a 20% discount.I have since found this sells for cheaper online. Now considering the price and the fact that it doesn’t really seem to be any different I don’t feel it was value for money. I’m not saying it isn’t a nice product as it feels lush on the skin, but it is way over priced.

Would I buy it again ?

No, but not because it doesn’t do as it says, exfoliate the skin,make it feel silky, and smooth but the price is just mad. I guess there is always product junkies like myself that will purchase it, but its a shame it’s not more price friendly. It’s not something generally most people can afford and it can’t even be smelt on the skin afterwards. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess.The good thing is this will probably last me a good few months if not up to a year if i use it a few times a month.

If money isn’t an option for you then yes buy it, its lovely, looks good in the bathroom. If you want to treat yourself like I did or buy it as a gift then yes this is lovely. But for you price conscious folks………check out boots sanctuary body scrub, fraction of the price and just as good.

Overall Rating – 5/10 ( too expensive)

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