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I often get asked on tips to stop breaking nails and if my nails are my own. I have strong nails that are very good at not breaking or causing me any problems. Considering I paint my nails practically every couple of days im surprised they are as strong as they are. I do get my strong nails from my mother as our hands look very similar, so I guess it is hereditary also.

Below i have listed some of my top tips to help you also maintain healthy strong nails avoiding them from breaking.

I would say I have noticed recently that more and more ladies are opting for  natural nails rather than false ones. I’m not against false nails, just I think if you look after your own most of us can achieve lovely nails also . So here go’s ……..

Wear gloves when in the garden or using cleaning detergents  and  bleaching agents

Use a moisturizer on a regular daily basis, more when you wash hands to keep them hydrated and to stop dehydration

Use a nail strengthener to keep nails strong and healthy

If you notice a split showing at the corner/side of your nail it is best to file it untill it is smooth and even. If you leave it you will most likely catch it in something and it will split even more.

File nails in one direction from left to right or right to left but never both ways. Filing both ways causes stress and tension to the end if the nail.

Dont uses your nails as tools, for picking, scraping or  pulling at things. Find the correct equipment needed and save your precious nails from breaking.

Keep a nail file in your bag for your travels

Never peel off old nail polish as this can weaken your nails and leave them brittle.

Avoid nail varnish remover containing acetone. It is highly dehydrating and is used mostly for removing false nails.


I have also written about dry hands and how best to keep them hydrated. My 20 nail care tips will also help you to keep your nails in tip-top condition.

If any of you want any product recommendations then drop me a message below, I will always reply back xx

For those of you that like a competition I will be doing a Facebook only nail art competition as soon as I hit my target of ‘150 likes’ on my Facebook page. I will be giving away a prize for the winner I only need 1 more like. It’s for fun and open for anyone to join….have fun xx





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