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So ok I like totally forgot to post up this tutorial a few weeks ago. Those of you that follow my Facebook page will have seen this look I done and posted up. So sorry for the long wait but here it is step by step for you to follow and recreate yourself. Remember I have a nail art competition over on my Facebook page only……but anyway here it is.

What I used

Barry M nail paint – mint green

Barry M nail paint – Bright Purple

Small dotting tool

Barry M base & Top coat in one

Always use base coat before applying any colour to your nails to protect them from staining and so your polish goes on more even.

Paint half your nails purple in the neatest possible way. Wipe away using a dampened cotton bud dipped in varnish remover if your line is wobbly.

Note :2 coats is needed of each colour so it looks even and is not see-through

Now paint the bottom half of your nails in the mint green colour. Let this dry for about 5 minutes before dotting next.

This is one of my smaller dotting tools that i used for the next step


Dab a few blobs of the purple colour on a small piece of card so you can dip the dotting tool into and then unto your nails.


Dot unto each nail just on top of the green colour about 5 dots across

Apply top coat after a good 5 minutes to make sure you don’t smudge the dots. And the finished look is here !
Remember I post up exclusive pictures on my Facebook page so don’t miss out and follow me on their and also twitter too.
Would any of you try this look ?

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