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How many times do I get asked ‘why do you blog’ or ‘do you get paid for it’ or ‘what’s the point of blogging’ .So my lovelies here I go with this one so I thought I would explain why I initially started and so on.
I have always naturally been into beauty, skin care and nails and kind of wanted an avenue to talk about it. I work as a skin care specialist which is more to do with medical high end treatments which I do love btw. I am always buying new products and polishes, I have way too much to keep to myself and because I always, always have something to say…why not write about it ? love trying out and experimenting so decided to start a beauty blog . Yes I do other things that interest me, but this is certainly an area I’m sure I will never get bored of.
Why not write about what I enjoy and share it with others? I get asked so many times on the whole ‘money’ aspect of blogging. I never started my blog to get rich or be the most popular. I just thought it would be something others would be interested in. I’ve only been doing this since about July 2011 so I’m No expert and have had all lot to learn. If I’m honest I have to remind myself to stay true to writing how I write and just being me. I don’t sound posh, use big words I just say it how it is. I’ve found an enjoyable hobby, and the feedback I get is really encouraging and my advice seems to do some good out there .
What I like about this is I don’t feel I’m competing with anyone else, I write what I love, hope someone finds interest and continue to do so.
I have encouraged a few people to start a blog aswell….nail lovers and product enthusiasts. My point really is talking about beauty etc isn’t silly, a waste of time or pointless. We all have different interests, opinions and I feel at times this whole ‘beauty’ thing is frowned and looked down on. How I see it is the majority of us want to look and feel good. We feel more confident when we make the most of ourselves ? I write because I like giving tips advice and discussing beauty topics with my friends and followers. I hope you all can see why I blog ……and understand the reasons why. Its fun, its interesting and I cant stop yapping On about it !



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