I can’t believe I nearly didn’t buy these at the ‘Beauty uk’  show last week, what was I thinking ? I absolutely love them and I have had soo many people notice them on my nails and complement me on them.

With a cover on


The container has a sliding lid to take studs out with !


Close up of the studs which are all different sizes and a mixture of silver and gold.

So I wanted to do a nail design that would incorporate the nail studs with a little sumthin, sumthin! I have been rocking these nails for a few days now and I have only lost I nail stud. It’s not bad really as I only stuck them down with top coat, I didn’t use any glue. So here they are from different angles for you to see what they look like on.

I choose to put the studs on my ring finger as I wanted them to stand out more.


I used a cuticle stick dipped in top coat to pick the studs out and stick unto my nails.

I used a Mua nail varnish which is the pink shade I used. They are a fab uk brand they are very reasonably priced. This polish cost me £1 and that was full price !

So I once again made up the nail design just because I wanted to do something different and try the studs also. I done the whole design free hand so i didnt use any stencils. I just practice to get my hands to be more steady each time.  I hope you like this design, its 3 days later and I still have this on my nails, i have only had to top up the pink colour on my nails.

I have a nail art competition starting on my Facebook page once I reach ‘150 likes’ and I will  be giving away a prize for the winner. I also have exclusive nail art designs that I post on my face book page only, so feel free to join if you want to xx

Do any of you know where to buy more studs from as i cant seem to find anywhere online to re-purchase apart from ebay. If you do can you leave a comment below with a link please ?



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