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I done this little nail design a short while ago on my nails. Again its one of my made up designs that I quite actually liked. Sometimes I do designs that just go totally wrong but this seemed to have been voted quite well on my Face book page.

I used Orly - pink slip, Art deco in intense pink / black and Orly - pink glitter


I painted my nails in a very pale pink colour (like a french polish pink)


I done a diagonal line across each nail with my black nail art brush/pen


I added another line which is more straight across from the centre to the left hand side of nail


Add a pink line under the black line, this should be slightly curved in the middle


Now paint the tip of the nail black on the free edge


Just add your pink glitter to the ends of your nails and after a few minutes add your top coat

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So I hope you all liked this ‘made up look’ of mine here. Give it a go yourself even if you feel it may be too hard try one 1 of your nails first to start with. Any questions you have please leave below …I would love to hear what you think of my tutorials….did you find this tutorial easy to follow ?





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