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Ok so ive been having a nosey, well a big nosey at Next’s beauty section on their website…..ahem. Ok so I must admit it’s not the first place I think of when I think beauty. But to my surprise they actually have quite a wide range on there. I wasnt really looking for anything particular but I found a few items that I use and have used previously. I wanted to share some of them with you, as im always being asked where do I get some of my beauty products, tools from. Brows shape the face and I wanted to show you some of tried and tested beauty items that im so glad are easily available from next!

So firstly is my tweezers and I wont use any other than ‘tweezerman’ tweezers. They are sharp, can be sent back to be re-sharpened and they get out every tiny little hair to give you a clean brow shape. They are a little pricey but hey ive had mine for no little then 4 years, and (I havent had mine re-sharpened yet, although thinking now I probably should do) hehe.

Tweezerman slant tweezers £20 (World famous)

I have mine in baby pink and are slightly smaller then these but they are slant too, which is easier then flat straight ones for brow shaping.

Eylure Day/night gift set

I have used both these brands time and time again and im so happy these are available to buy. I often find the best beauty items I use are only available through professional only beauty warehouses. Therefore not available to anyone not in the beauty industry. So have a look at these, both are just as good. One is a thinner strip for daytime use and the other is a thicker one maybe for evening time. Me personally would rock the thicker ones in the day….but thats me !

You can actually re-use these aswell. Just take time when removing them after a day or nights use, carefully pick off the dry glue and re-use when ready.

You can also purchase them separately if you don’t need both sets. They can be a little fiddly but keep on practicing. I have done a few post on lashes so check them out for my top tips.

These are the thicker ones which I prefer...if your going to wear them I say WEAR THEM!


The strip is nice and thin which means it can look quite natural when stuck on.

So all if you want to have a look for yourself at the beauty section, then you can click-through here to have a mooch or order http://www.next.co.uk/

Do any of you use any other lashes that you would recommend, please share with me if you do as I wear them near enough all the time !

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