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ladies this is for those of you that want to have more definition to your lips. Now even though I have good-sized lips, I do on occasion like more definition to make them stand out more. If you have thin lips yourself then this will be more suitable and make more of an impact.
When choosing your lip liner it should be a close shade to your lipstick. A shade slightly darker is probably best. Don’t choose a totally different colour to your choice of lip colour or it won’t blend in and will look to ‘false ‘ looking.
What I started doing is using my carmex lip treatment on before any other lip product. It really has been keeping my lips from getting chapped and dry!

I did a review for this and its a bargain of a product, check it out.

I find it best to use the lip liner first and to feather it on around the lips. I trace my lips using short soft strokes. I wouldn’t just draw around my lip line as it goes on too dark this way and looks harsh!
Remember to stretch your lips So the colour doesn’t pucker up as you apply it.

This is my lips bare


I have applied lipliner to my lips here


I have now added my lipstick to my lips

You can see here how it has added all lot more definition to my lips. If you want you can blend in the liner all lot more so the liner isn’t shown as much. It’s up to you really, it depends what colour I use as to how much I want it to stand out.

If you don’t use lipliner it may be worth giving it a little go. I mostly use Sleek Lipliner as the prices are really reasonable and they last well on my lips. You can buy sleek from boots, and superdrug stores.

Do you have any lipliners that you would recommend me to try, let me know leave me a comment below  xx

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