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Hope you all have had a lovely weekend ? I took a few pictures this week of my eye makeup which was a bit ‘different’ well it’s not like crazy, just ‘different’ as I was at work, its was a little dressy I suppose but hey why not ?

I choose green and orange for my eyes which I feel is quite nice colours for this time of year. I tend to choose whatever colours I fancy using most of the time and these 2 colours was what I wanted to wear.

I used this orange eyeshadow from Mac which goes on my skin very smooth

I used this colour on my top lid in the middle and under my eye. This was bought a few years ago from 'Boots natural collection'


A close up of my eye colours to see

This is both my eyes together and as you can see it isnt bright and loud but very gently done !

I have previously done a review for the Mua mascara I have used here.

My favourite mascara is what I used to lengthen my lashes check out my fab review above.

I also used pencil to colour and darken my eyebrows a little. I will do this most of the time as it gives my brows more definition and makes them stand out more !

And as an addition I blended in 2 different lipsticks. The first is from Mua in shade 10 and over the top I used a Sleek lipstick in colour 540 – orange spice. I have checked Sleeks website and they don’t do this shade anymore but still have a mooch as they have similar.

This is the 2 colours blended in together, as I didn't have a suitable colour to match my eye makeup

This is a front facing view of my lipcolour

Both lipsticks blended in well and the Mua Lipstick is especially moisturizing.

So I hope some of you have been inspired and wont be afraid to ‘mix n blend’ your colours. Try out different things on your face, mix lipsticks if you can’t find the right shade. Wearing makeup doesn’t have to be boring and the ‘same old, same old thing’ Get creative even if its trying slighty brighter shades or using 2 colours instead of 1.

Well that’s it folks, hope you enjoyed this makeup look xx

Do any of you have any eyeshadow looks that you recommend or would like me to try out as a post ? If so you can drop me a message via my contact page or below as a comment xx




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