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My recent lippy love is for MUA ……..MAKEUP ACADEMY if you havent heard of them you seriously need to get to know! I’ve been so impressed with the brand that I keep adding and adding every time I make a trip into town. The brand is great for any of you that want to keep up with the latest in makeup, nails but maybe don’t have the money to splurge out on expensive products.

What I like is the products are priced from £1.00 to £4.50 and are very affordable for any of you on a budget. Now don’t get me wrong these products are good value but also very good quality.

So I wanted to share with you one of my recent purchases that I bought. It’s a fabulous red lipstick and its fab. I know I call everything fab but it really is fab.

Brand – MUA

Product – Lipstick shade 13

You can see the brightness of the lipstick


Colour swatch of lipstick on my hand

Cost – £1.00…full price

Purchased – Superdrug

Texture/Feel – Moisturizing and smooth texture that doesn’t feel dry even after hours of wear on my lips.

Up close on my lips in natural daylight

Packaging – Lovely black packaging that’s sealed over so (can’t be used before purchase)

Packaging lipstick

My overall opinion – Love it, love it, love it. Have a look for yourself, I took some pictures so you can see how it looks on. Also how you can turn a day look into an evening look like I did today. I can’t fault this product it goes on well, stays on well and is non drying which normally puts me off lipsticks. I mean for goodness sake it cost me £1 !

Rating – 10/10

A side version of my face so you can see my other colours and how this looks overall.

Check out their website here if you want to see their full range of products, http://www.muastore.co.uk/store and leave me a comment below if you like. I will do more reviews of this range as I have bought quite a few other makeup pieces from them.

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