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So this one is actually quite easy as you only need 3 colours to do this. I have been trying out so many different patterns and designs on my nails and thought I would this. I have used one of the ‘beauty uk’s’ red colours to do the base of it and my nail art pens. If you don’t have nail art pens with the thin brush that makes it easier to do fine lines then a fine brush will do. The varnish brush maybe a little to thick you see so you may want to invest in a brush for nail art in the future.

What I used

Black nail art pen

White nail art pen

Red colour varnish from Beauty Uk

Base and top coat

After base coat paint your nails using 2 coats of red


Wipe a line down the centre of each nail (not too thin though)


Dab a kind of half-moon shape on the tip of each nail


Make some dots on either side of the body with the tip of a nail art pen or a dotting tool


Dot on two eyes on the black half-moon shape


After about 5 or 10 minutes apply your top coat and there you have it, little ladybirds on your nails.

I do hope you have enjoyed this ladybird look. It can be easily created as I think I have made clear points and pictures so you can try it yourself.

Did you like this look, let me know below if you did !

Coming soon – Competition details

As soon as I reach 150 likes on my Facebook page I will doing be a nail art competition. This for anyone that likes nail art, nails and having a bit of fun. It’s open for anyone to join all you have to do is ‘like’ my page and like one of the post’s about the competition. Leave a comment aswell if you like. This will be a themed contest and my first ever one. I’m hoping enough of you lovely readers will join as I hope to do more in the future xx https://www.facebook.com/lovebeautyskin Of course there will be a small gift of goodies for the winner !

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