Jamaican flag


Just a few pictures I took to share with you all….such a beautiful place full of sun, fresh food, fruits and beautiful people. If you havent been,I would recommend Jamaica 10 times over. I have had the most wonderful time in Ocho Rios with family and friends over the last 2 weeks. Soaking up the sun and relaxing on a few of the local beaches. I also had the pleasure of doing some wedding makeup for a very special bride also, she did look absolutely stunning.

Jamaican flag

Ocho Rios is quite a touristy area but really gives you a good feel for the traditional way in which people live. I quite liked this experience as it really gave me the true feel of the country and  feel for the lifestyle. I have been twice previous, but this time has absolutely been the best time. If any of you are thinking of a Caribbean holiday, then check this place out. If you like fresh food, culture, tasty food, cool music and a relaxed atmosphere then you will love it as much as i did !

It was mega hot, rained here and their but overall it was HOT HOT HOT ! I was sure to be wearing my spf and topped it up on a regular basis (still got to protect my skin…even though its dark) We all love a tan but I didn’t want to end up damaging my skin or ending up with skin like leather eww!

This is me on the beach sporting my portrait bag from 'Bag me beautiful' It made a great beach bag

This is a local beach called (mahogany) that I prefered to go to, to sunbathe rather than the commercial ones. They also do fishing here also and you can buy the fish freshly caught here from the fishermen.


There was a parade for 'palm sunday' as I was walking back from the beach. Singing, waving palms, trumpets, drums it was really wonderful !

I believe this is owned by 'Bob marleys' mum in the centre of Ocho Rios


I couldn't help but purchase this fab lipstick in Jamaica that matches my dress perfectly. It is from a brand called 'wet n wild' dont think we have it here in uk x

Brand - Wet n wild - 521A fuchsia with blue pearl (It actually looks brighter than advertised on the website) This is also described as a silk finish for the lips - I agree !


Up close version of lipstick I absolutely loved this colour, and it was moisturizing as well.

Ok then guys that’s all for now, feel free to drop me a comment or message….oh i miss my holiday. Oh well will have to book another one soon then : )

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