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Missed me much guys?  well I hope that is a yes……… as I have missed my blog and writing about beauty and all you lovely readers xx but hey ive been living it up in the sunny island of Jamaica. So yes I had a much-needed break and time out from work, life et.c.  So as you may well know I love nails and yes on holiday I done them practically every day. This was a bit of a surprise to some, seeing that I changed my nails to match more or less everyday. Every morning I sat on the varander outside and painted my nails in the lovely heat, and it became a regular question of ‘what colour nails are you doing today’.  I was a little disappointed at the fact that I didn’t bring with me more vibrant colours but still managed to match in some way or another my nails to my outfits.

I had the time to do my nails on holiday so I brought along with me my nail art pens and done a few different designs on them. The good thing is I didn’t see no-one else with my designs and especially my nail foils (not sure if they have them their) so this was noticed a few times on my nails. So have a look, at my snapshots of my nails.

This was my attempt at nail foils yet again, it was hard to get it even but looked quite nice anyway. I bought these for about £1.20

I really loved this print as it was so eye-catching and cute. It reminded me of a spotty dog........i was more happy with this aswell as it was only 50p for the pack....what a bargain.


My first attempt at a cupcake design on my nails, what do you think ?

Ok so an up close picture of my nail


So this is my right hand that goes with my cupcake look, this is a new soft pink base colour that I bought in duty-free from Mac. I used nail art pens (brushes) to do the flicks and lines on my other nails.


These were my nails for a beautiful family wedding I had the pleasure of going to that matched my purple/silver dress


This is my better hand with clearer designs on my nails, always easier to do my left hand then the right

So of course I did my nails more than this but these were the main designs I done that stood out the most. Hope you like them, drop me a comment with any thought on my nails, always enjoy reading comments xx

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