I love eyebrows, ok I don’t actually love eyebrows but get those brows right and you will see how much they will frame your face. This is a question I come across on a regular basis so I will give you my top tips what I feel are good tips to consider and or use. I have done a few posts on eyebrows previously, but I have tried to keep this specific. For me eyebrows are something I enjoy doing and keeping on top of. I tend to add a bit of pencil in to make them appear darker and thicker.

  • Darkening the brow area will make them stand out more by being defined and giving the illusion of appearing thicker
  • Pencil – using a pencil to cheat a little and create a bit more of a brow is another good way. Be carefull though as we don’t want to sporting the erm….’scouse brow’ or do we ?
  • Tinting – I tint my brows and it just darkens all those little tiny hairs which gives me more dark hairs. This makes my brows thicker and a better shape can then be achieved.
  • Grow them out – It may sound obvious but how many times do you look at these brows then start pulling out 1 hair…then 2…then 10 ….Let them grow! Leave well alone and just wait and see if they will actually grow by themselves. When they have thickened up, this is when you can think about creating more of a shape.

So check out my previous posts on eyebrows below

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Hope you enjoyed these tips, did you find this useful if so let me know below xx



  1. thanks for these videos 🙂 I love to do Threading to shape my eyebrow. Its easy and time saving procedure.

  2. Informative post! I am looking for such beauty tips from so long. I always want thick eyebrows but unfortunately I haven’t naturally. Thick eyebrows enhance our look undoubtedly.

  3. Thanks for your tips and video tutorials. This will really help. I hope I can do this properly especially thickening my eyebrow a little.

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