Well what can I say, ive really tried with this nail art tutorial. It is a combination of my own personal design and some tips that I have picked up online for the flame effect. Hope you like this one, it has taken me a while to do but I enjoyed the effect it has made and the brightness it has on my nails.

What you need

Colours listed in order of use - Orly - Cherry Bomb, Bourjois - Orange insolent 44, Orly - Sol cobana, Rimmel sunshine 280, 17 - Nightshade

5 different colour nail varnishes similar to what I have used above

Base coat & top coat

Thin nail art brush (very thin but short in length)

Varnish remover

After base coat has been applied Put on 2 coats of the orly - cherry red on. This should be the brightest colour that goes all over the nail plate


using your second colour Boujois - orange insolent (fairly see through colour) paint nails from about 3/4 of the way down the nail. So leave a gap from the top


Again leave a small gap from the last colour and paint on the Orly - Sol cabana matte orange color all the way down so it is even in colour.


Leave another gap and use your choice of yellow on the ends like a french tip effect


Ok grab your nail art brush or something your can create fine detail with. Dab this first part onto your nail with black colour varnish. I put a tiny amount on a card and dipped my brush in to do it. (I have done this in stages )

Again copy this part of the flame


I've made this soooooo easy for you


Ok now fill in above the flame so the black joins the cuticle and just down the sides slightly


Now kind of dot and tap black around the flame and all around the background. you really don't want this to look neat so just go for it.


Dot a slight smudge in the middle of the black big blobs some red (leave enough space to add in a yellow dot also


Dot a yellow dot on top of the previous red to finish wait a few minutes before applying top coat, so you don't smudge all the detail on the ring finger.


So this is the finished look with the colours I used. This would look great on holiday or if your outfit has a few of the colours in too!

Now you can of course do this design on more than 1 nail but because their is so much going on I feel that this is enough with the brightness of the other fingers. If any of you try this let me know, or feel free to post up on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lovebeautyskin

And if you love this design don’t be shy leave me a comment below xx

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