For those of you that like to enhance your lashes with a few individual inserts or strip lashes will find my list of tips very handy. This is the first part of  my false lash tips…the next one will give you all lot more detail and description in more depth. But for now I hope you will find this list helpful and use some tips for yourself !

  • If your lash glue is showing and looks shiny, use dabs of eyeliner over to colour over the shine
  • If the lashes you have applied are thin hairs use some mascara. But instead of using it the normal way….touch onto the lashes instead. Mascara really sticks well to false lashes for some reason and can look like (spider legs in no time) so go easy
  • If you have on the individual lashes that are stubborn to remove, try using baby oil. Douse some cotton pads with baby oil and roll downwards from route to ends. If this is too hard to do then you can use a smaller method with a cotton bud. You will need to do this repeatedly for a good while and should find your lashes will begin to loosen.
  • False lash glue removal can be bought and maybe worth purchasing at the same time as your lashes. As the above method can take a long time…..
  • Never pull or pick at lashes, if you can’t get them off just wait untill they are ready to come off themselves (trim them if you have tiny scissors and be VERY VERY VERY careful.
  • Try not to sleep on your face or eyes when sleeping as you might bend your lashes. Just be conscious about your lashes especially if you have very long ones
  • If your lashes do become bent you should be able to use an eyelash curler or bend them back using some tweezers.
  • To remove makeup around the eyes or close to the route (like eyeliner) Eye makeup remover wipes, cotton pads folded in half or cotton buds work the best. This way you wont disturb the lashes or mess with them.
  • If makeup has fallen down on to lashes you can dab some eyeliner on or wet a cotton bud on to gently remove

Any questions or additional help you may need you can post up as a comment xx


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