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Fat bits, lumpy bits, orange peel,cottage cheese whatever you call it, it’s horrible. In no way or form is cellulite something you can see in a positive way. And how many of you reading this can actually say you don’t have an ounce of it ?  Anyway if you know me if I like a product, I will talk about it and recommend.

Solutions - Body cellu-sculpt

One product I have Used over the years has got to be Avon’s solutions body cellu-sculpt. I pull  my tube out on any upcoming holiday to start to smooth down my erm ahem lumpy bits. I have used this product over the years and even though I only use it for a few weeks prior to holidays I do seriously always see a visible difference. Now I’m not just saying this but even after a week my skin looks smoother and the cellulite looks less. Now I know obviously it doesn’t make it go away permanently but for me I have always seen enough of a difference to make it worth buying again and again.
When I use it I apply it onto my hands and start either on my outer or inner parts of my (thighs) legs.I use very firm upward strokes (towards the heart )and repeat on each area for about 5 mins as fast and firm as I can . I do this mornings and in the evenings ( I forget sometimes) but as much as I can for as long as I can and this works for me.
I have recently bought this cream again and couldn’t believe I hadn’t spoken about this on here. I had to share as this is one of my products I have used for years, and will, I believe always have in my beauty collection.

Easy squeezy tube so you can squeeze out cream directly on the skin

Cost – £5.00 (special offer) for 200ml

Purchased – Avon sales rep

Texture/feel – Quite a thick but creamy feel which is also nicely moisturizing on my skin.

Smell – A really refreshing fragranced scent.

Description – As stated on tube – Massage thoroughly for 5 minutes twice daily into problem areas.

Results – Stated on tube – Visibly improves and evens skins texture and tightens to help improve entire silhouette. formulated to help minimise the appearance of cellulite.

Packaging – Its in an easy to use tube that stands up the way the cream comes out. It is squeezy so this makes it easy for application. They do this formula in another form where by the application part has a tri-roller massaging applicator to help. I have also used this and it works just as well. http://avonshop.co.uk/shop/product.asp?pf_id=37430&from=search&find_spec=solutions&pagenum=1

Overall opinion – Well I am always happy with this product as I have already said. I think what helps is the firm massage I do which is what is required to achieve what it states on the description. Not sure whether it is the ingredients alone, the massage or a combination of both. But I have to say either way I always see a difference. It’s a good motivator, doesn’t cost all lot and has been voted 5/5 on the online website. http://avonshop.co.uk/shop/product.asp?pf_id=33368&from=search&find_spec=solutions&pagenum=1

Overall rating – 7/10


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