Oh, oh, oh its magic….you know, you better believe it’s……..(Sad old song, please excuse me) Sorry guys, couldn’t help it but wow we. I’m so chuffed at my bargain of a mascara. I’m so glad I found this range ”. I have previously used their lip gloss a good while ago now, and it seemed no one had even heard of it. Well all I can say now is watch out as it’s getting big and I can see why. It seemed only fitting to do a fab review and show you why I love this mascara.

Brand – MUA

Product – Extreme Curl Mascara

‘New’ Mascara from MUA lovely packaging

Colour – Black

Cost – £2.00 for 7ml

Texture/feel – The colour sticks to the brush quite well, nothing ,more to say really.

Close up of the mascara wand applicator

Description – Well as it is described as being ‘extreme’ this is round about what I am expecting to happen.  Well kind of, but I want to be realistic as well. What is actually written on the tube is ‘Shapes lashes beautifully from root to tip for long-lasting curl’

Packaging – In a lovely silver shiny tube that is curved in shape. (Looks fab  coming out of my make-up bag)

My left eye has the mascara on the right eye hasn’t, see the difference ?


Mascara is now applied to both my eyes and has separated my lashes wellThis is the impact the mascara has made to my lashes

My overall opinion – Fab, fab, fab what else can I say. I have tried so many mascaras over the years and normally prefer to go without or wear fake lashes. Reason being I can never really be bothered to be applying mascara on over and over again until it is barely visible. I consider my lashes to be fairly short so find I have to keep wiping on the mascara wand for too long. I wasnt going out my way to find a mascara but kept a look out for one anyway. I saw the words ‘extreme’ and thought ok and then £2.00 and it was sold. Well I have been wearing it this week and love how quick it applys, how much the black shows up, it doesn’t clump and the curve wand is fab. The curve makes it slightly easier to fit the shape of the eye, so it actually catches the tiny hairs in the corners. I have to admit I did have a little touch smudged in the corners but I think that’s because I don’t really use mascara that often. You can see in the pictures how much of a difference it has made to my lashes. I’m so pleased I bought this product and still can’t believe it was such a bargain. Tbh I wasnt expecting it to do much, probably due to the fact it only cost a couple of quid. But it really did open up my eyes and do what it said. I only have to do a few wipes of the wand, and my lashes are pulled out and do appear much longer than I could have imagined. Check out the pictures for yourself here, oh and it hasn’t smudged either even after having it on all day.

Overall rating – 10/10

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