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Well hi all ….again and hope your have all had a lovely week ? Thought I would try to help a few of you with different application techniques that I use when I apply my foundation. You may not think that this is important, but I can assure you if you get your base right, your ‘other’ makeup applied on afterwards will sit better.

 Now I have tried various different methods to apply my foundation, but for this particular foundation I have either used a sponge or a foundation brush. Its personal preference really because I have only just recently started using a brush.

Here you have a sponge, a foundation brush and Mac studio sculpt foundation

The studio sculpt foundation comes alone without any form of tool to apply it with. I guess I could use my fingers, which is possible but is prob really messy. Also you have to be careful that fingers are clean and wont add oil and dirt to your skin.

I started off by using a disposable sponge to dab on the foundation, but the only thing is it soaks up all lot of foundation. I was actually happy doing this though as I didn’t have anything else to use. Now even though sponges are disposable I was re-using the sponge a few times, which thinking about it now probably isn’t that hygienic. The makeup soaked in the sponge that much I could dab the sponge on my skin the next day, and there would still be makeup on it. I’m not saying this can’t be done if this your prefered method. Just make sure you do use them as disposable, they are put somewhere where they will remain free from dirt, and kept clean.

My newest method and quickest method is using a foundation brush. I find this so easy to apply my makeup. It goes on very even and doesn’t leave any streaks. because the consistency of this foundation is slightly thick I find this is the quickest way to move it around my skin. You should try it too, it works really well.

Not sure if there is any other method I would use with this foundation as the brush allows you to build it up as much as you like in any area. So overall the brush wins (even though it’s not a competition) Just my opinion that’s all.

What method do you find works well for you ? Do you agree with my choice? Leave your replies below and I will be sure to respond back xx

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