So I take it if your reading this then you may want to find out the easiest way to do a french manicure on your nails. Well its quite simple really and hope this will help some of you to be able to do this look yourself.

What you will need

Cellotape – 10 small pieces big enough to fit across each nail as a guide for tip

Base coat

White polish – (I used Barry M nail paint in – matt white 66)

Top coat or a sparkly glitter similar to what I have used – 17’S glitter top coat

Use a base colour on all of your nails then wait untill dry before doing the next steps

Put each piece of tape on every nail (one hand at a time) and leave space for a free edge to be painted white. I have gone a little bigger then my natural line to try to make them all the same thickness.You may want to turn up the corner of the tape slightly to give a curve rather than a blunt straight edge by the sides of the nail.


Now paint each nail tip white. Make sure the tape is stuck to the nail properly or the white will seep through gaps.


Now after a few minutes gently start to peel off the tape....gently does it so you don't ruin the edge.


I have pulled off the tape and this is how they look

I choose to use a sparkly glitter top coat instead of a plain one which also gave it some shine

I’m sure this will help lots of you to do a french line straighter. Have a go for yourself and remember don’t just stick to the conventional white tip colour. You can experiment and use colours aswell…glitter or even put  a pale pink over the top.

If you have tried this look, did you find it easy to do i would love to know?

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