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As you can see it literally looks like clay !


So you know how im always going on about my oily skin….hope your not bored with this but there is a masque that I quite like. This one is from ‘skinceuticals’ and I use quite a few of their products. The masque is clay which as I have previously recommended for oily skin works really well. It helps to absorb excess oil and gives a really matt complexion to the skin. I also use this when I do facial treatments especially if someone has all lot of blocked pores, oilyness or open pores.

So how do you use it ? You apply a thin layer on the skin, you can use your fingers to do this if you havent got a spatula.Use it once or twice weekly or as needed.

How much is it ? It sells for around £45 and although it isn’t cheap it lasts for months and you get a good size quantity of 60ml (more than a standard moisturizer )

Leave it on for about 10-20 minutes and wash off. It can be a bit stiff when it dry’s on the skin but should feel comfortable enough.You could also use sponges/wet cloth to remove it off the skin, but make sure they are wet or you will struggle to get it off.

If you have a spot  you can use this to calm it down and stop it getting inflamed if you are prone to this. This masque is also not the kind to bring you out in loads of spots,like others can do, which is what I like.

I have my friend modelling the masque for me here, very kind of her to be doing so…thankyou!  This is so you can see how it looks on the skin and the consistency, so erm you probably wouldn’t be answering the door like this btw !

My lovely friend has the clay masque on so you can see it is quite thick in consistency and starts to dry and become firm after about 5 minutes onwards !

You can buy this in skin clinics but not in high street stores as this range is a high-end cosmeceutical product (Active ingredients with medical evidence proven to deliver exactly what it states on the tin) You can also find this online also.

Any questions please leave below, this is a must if you have oily skin, im not just saying it you will see  difference!


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