Was running out of time to do my valentines nails, but I finally managed to do them last night after a busy day. I hope you like them, they were fairly easy to do so hope you will give these a go.

These are the products i used

Fine art nail brush from a stationary shop

Nail file

Cuticle nippers

Nails inc – Underground base coat

Nails inc – Albert Bridge Top coat

17 nail varnish in Risky Red

Barry M limited edition – Silver glitter 140

I started off by shaping my nails with a nail file and generally cleaning up my cuticles, making sure there wasnt any dead skin or overgrown cuticle.

I used my Nails inc Base coat on all of my nails to protect them from staining, also the colour tends to last longer I find.

click on the pictures to see more detail and closer images!

I then painted my nails red with nail varnish , and just stopped at my natural free edge line. My nails are quite long so this was fairly easy to see the line. If you don’t have long nails then this will be more difficult as you would have to make up a line to stop at. Any mistakes over my natural line I simply just wiped away or you could use a cotton wool bud dipped in varnish remover.

I painted on the Barry M glitter (using the nail varnish brush, not the fine art brush) to the free edge on all of my nails I had to do this  2-3 times to build up the intensity of the glitter.

I then painted glitter to my right ring finger, started to dab on to make a heart on my left ring finger and my left thumb cuticle

I had to go over the heart numerous times to build up the glitter and also on the cuticle area on my thumb

I waited for them to dry before applying top coat to seal the colour and to give them a brilliant shine!

Hope i have given you some inspiration for tommorow.

Happy valentines all, have a beautiful day xx




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