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How much do we really look after are feet? They carry us around, take all our weight, tight shoes rubbing, hurting and do we look after them the way we should do ? Well let me give you some quick tips to keep those feet keep in tip-top shape and less embarrassing !

  • File nails straight across  – this will avoid ingrowing toe-nails
  • Moisturise those feet at least once a day to stop them looking dry and dehydrated
  • Moisturise twice a day morning and evening to really give your feet a super soft feel
  • Exfoliate feet every now and again to get rid of dead skin cells, smooth feet and leave them looking a lot brighter
  • Use a foot rasp a couple of times a week to keep on top of hardened skin on the heels, sides of toes and pressure points
  • Push cuticles back and tidy away any dead dry skin (hang-nails) with a cuticle trimmer/nipper
  • If colour nail varnish isn’t your thing then use a clear varnish to make them look shiny and hydrated or buff them to look smooth and naturally shiny
  • Try not to paint nails constantly, have a break every now nd then to stop nails becoming discoloured
  • Soak feet to relax muscles and add in a few drops of aromatherapy oil to add in an aromatic fragrance
  • Sweat/sweaty feet are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Use a foot spray if this is something you struggle with to keep feet dry and odour free


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