My reasonably priced moisturizer is my new face hydrater at the moment. I have found that because it has got colder over the last few weeks that I have prefered more of a creamy rather than serum feeling on my skin. I have been using this on and off over the last few weeks as my normally oily skin has seemed to have slightly calmed down. I still like to moisturize my skin and after trying a sample size, decided to purchase it.

Brand – Galderma

Product – Cetaphil

Cost – £7.99 for 250ml

Purchased – Skin Clinic

Texture/feel – Medium weight feel, not thick but not to thin either. Absorbs into skin nicely and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on my skin which is at the moment normal – oily.

Smell – Doesnt realy smell of anything and it does state that it is fragrance free on the front of the bottle.

Description – On the front it says it’s a moisturizing lotion which is fragrance free, non-comedogenic (wont clog pores) and high tolerance….what ever that means. The back of the bottle has a quite a good description which includes – clinically proven to bind moisture, prevents moisture loss, soothes, softens, lanolin free, suitable for sensitive or dry skin.Recommended to re-hydrate damaged skin with common skin conditions and following dermatological treatments. Can be used daily to face and the body as often as you need.

Packaging – It comes in the bottle alone without any box or additional outer packaging. It’s quite a basic design which i guess they just aren’t focused on design just delivering moisture. It’s definatly not fancy or a bottle you would show off.  The lid is  a screw cap that flips up so you can squeeze the moisturizer out of the top into your hands.

My overall opinion – I quite like this as it’s not to heavy and I can just use a little to soften my skin after washing it. It gives me enough hydration to my face without leaving it sticky or greasy.I find I can almost immediately apply my foundation on straight away and it doesn’t stick to certain area’s. My skin is mostly oily but this just seems to have the right balance.

I love the fact that it was such a good price and can also be bought in Boots. I have seen it advertised on telly recently (not that I normally buy because of this) but it seems to be getting popular. It does state that it’s for sensitive and dry skin but I would say if you like a light moisturizer to give this a try. My skin isnt sensitive so I can’t comment on that, but it does make my skin feel soft true to the description. I like the fact that it is fragrance free and lanolin free which can be quite irritating on the skin. Give it a try for yourself as I think most skin types could use this. I do know they do 2 more products in the range – a cleanser and a thicker moisturizer aswell which i havent tried myself.

Havent tried it on my body yet as I have just noticed that you can use it their as well,but will do now.

My overall rating –  8/10 only because the packaging isn’t very inviting !

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