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With the Cold weather Our skin has most likely been left a little dry and dehydrated. Painting your nails may give the impression of lovely looking nails but what about those cuticles and hands on closer examination? This is an area that can often be forgotten about or taken as not important, or easily forgotten. Your cuticles and hands need to be taken care of as well as your nails do. There are a few things you can do to make your hands and nails look hydrated and moisturised that wont take up too much time or MONEY!

I have  3 tried and tested ways to get those hands and cuticles back to how they should be…. hydrated and feeling soft.

  • Moisturize – Keep a small hand moisturizer in your hand bag, car, locker at work/college or in your drawer at work. Whatever you do put it in an area that you are most likely to go to on a regular basis and use it,  use it, use it. Remember after washing hands its important to re-hydrate as well, so bear this in mind also!
  • Nightime intensive treatment – Another way to use moisturizer for dry hands is to apply a thick layer onto your hands before bed time. Use some cotton hand gloves or (cotton socks) – you may feel silly but if you can get away with it, this works fantastically. Products applied at night-time penetrate all lot deeper into the skin then in the daytime. The wearing of cotton gloves lets the moisture penetrate deeper into the skin without loosing any moisture. Try this for a couple of nights and see how your hands feel.
  • Cuticle oil – I recommended this to one of my friends a few weeks ago and she has seen a difference fairly quickly. Purchase some cuticle oil and dab this on around your cuticles once a day if your disciplined enough. Soft cuticles are hydrated cuticles and will prevent your skin from chapping and flaking away. Sometimes cuticles can get so dry that they split and feel sore and hard. Again keep your cuticle oil somewhere you will remember and an obvious place you go to (like your handbag) Dab on and around your cuticles and massage in for a few seconds to each nail. Cuticle oil doesn’t have to cost all lot, most of the ones I have used in the past have cost me no more than £2.00 – £3.00 a bottle.

Just to say I have tried these tips and do them myself, so I know the difference it makes if I keep up with them all. It does take time to get into a routine where you automatically remember to do these things on a regular basis, but hopefully this has given you a few ideas to try to do yourself.

Any questions you have or recommendations you would like, please leave as a comment and I will reply with my best possible answer xx

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