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Happy new Year all…..hope this year has brought a positive start for you. I am really looking forward to this year as i  plan to be adding in a few things to my blog. I thought i would update you on a few things as i havent done a update in a while & as i have done over 70 posts i wanted to condense a few things about my blog in 1 post.

You Tube videos – I have started doing online product reviews and  finally done my first Eye makeup tutorial today using the Urban Decay ‘Naked Palette 1’. I hope you all like it, im new to the whole ‘tutorials’ but found it quite fun and will definatly be doing  more very soon.  My channel is under the same name ‘lovebeautyskin’ http://www.youtube.com/user/lovebeautyskin/videos   so please subscribe as i will be doing regular reviews and makeup tutorials that are easy to follow. My makeup tutorials can easily be achieved and i will try to make them as simple as possible so you can also achieve my looks at home yourself. Drop me a comment, leave me a vote and post up any makeup looks that you want me to do.

Face Book – I have a face book page that is a very relaxed beauty page that is open for anyone to join, comment and enjoy lots of  beauty related talk. http://www.facebook.com/lovebeautyskin Feel free to join my page by pressing the ‘like’ button you will not be dissapointed as i post on thier very regurlarly . All my blog posts from here get automaticaly posted on, and also i do my daily top tips in the mornings monday to friday that are very handy and are easy to follow. Some are beauty secrets, some professional advice some are my personal tips, all in all you will love them.

Open page to ask me questions on your skin and skin care concernshttp://www.lovebeautyskin.co.uk/?p=1379 This is my on going post that you can ask me questions on skin, skin care or general skin/body advice.  Leave it as a comment attached to the link and i will reply back with my professional advice. Have a look as i have had questions posted up that i replied to already.

So thats all folks, happy reading and i hope you continue to enjoy xxxxx luv  you all xxxxx

So as allways guys, any comments please leave attached to this post regarding and i wll ge back to you xx


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