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Deck Of Cards Nail Art Design

Deck Of Cards Nail Art Design

I tried a little nail design on my nails a couple of days ago, that I don’t think looks too bad actually. I used my nail varnish colours, and a cuticle stick. I painted all my nails white with the fab ‘Barry M’ white and rocked that for a day or so……no affense to Barry M but I wanted to add a little nail design to it. I decide to try to do a deck of cards in some way or form onto my nails. I just dabbed a bit or either red or black on my nails on top of the white, and using a cuticle/orange wood stick kept dabbing until the pattern was formed!

It’s the kind of design that gets noticed as the white background allowed it to stand out even more. I did have some cards out (not that I didn’t know what shape was in a pack of cards) but just so I could get the fine detailing. I think if you want to recreate this look then go slowly when trying to do so. It’s not as hard as it seems just patience. You can use any nail brand I just used high street brands 17 and Barry M.

Now if off to get me some new ‘Barry M Croc effect’ polish………gettin with all this hype, hope it’s as good as the Crackle effect has been. I will keep you all informed xx



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