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Product Review – Miss Sporty Eyeliner

Product Review – Miss Sporty Eyeliner

Brand – Miss Sporty

Shade – 11

Cost – Can be bought for £2.99 from supermarkets, and most drug stores

Texture/ feel – Quite  a soft feel on the skin that glides on nicely

Smell – N/A

Description – It only really says that it’s a eyeliner and where it was made. I guess its self explanatory how it works…….to be used around the line of the eyes.

Packaging – It does not come in a box but  just as the pencil alone with a lid on top. The pencil colour on the outside does however match the colour it actually is.

My personal opinion on this product – I don’t belive i have tried a miss sporty liner before tbh so i was pleasantly surprised. The colour was really vibrant and glided over my eye lid very easily. It almost felt like it had a slight moisture feel to it as it didn’t feel chalky or stubborn when i was drawing around my eyes. This can even be used if your hands are not that steady as it can easily be wiped away if any mistakes are made. This will also suit any skin colour, and i love that I didn’t need any eyeshadow with it as it stood out so much and gave my face a brighter look to it. The only thing is I have found is wearing it all day on my ‘oily’ skin i did have to wipe away just under my eye’s as it had smudged but only ever so slightly. Maybe if a primer was used it wouldn’t have moved much….i will see, But yes happy with this as it was another cheapy purchase that looked fab.

Overall rating – 7/10



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