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Open Page To Ask Me Questions On Your skin !

Open Page To Ask Me Questions On Your skin !

Hi all, so I thought I would do an open page for all of your questions on skin.Whether it be from what cleanser to use, how often should you exfoliate what brands are good for a particular skin type. Send them to me and I will reply on this page. If you can post any questions on the ‘comments’ part attached to this post and that way i can do an ongoing response. So keep checking back for an answer as I will try to respond in good time.

Thankyou xx



  1. hi i would like to know what is the best facial mask for aisan skin to give you that glow ?

    • Hiya Razia, thanx for your question. I myself am dark skinned and have found 2 masques especially to be great at realy giving me that healthy dewy glow on my skin. They are both from Dermalogica, the first one is called ‘Multi vitamin Power recovery masque’ http://www.dermalogica.com/uk/html/products/multivitamin-power-recovery-masque-57.html?type=function&cat=masques. It says it is for older skin types but honestly my skin after using this is soo soft, supple, and really bright in complexion. Its really rich but doesnt leave you greasey. The other is from Dermalogica also and it is the hydrating masque ‘http://www.dermalogica.com/uk/html/products/skin-hydrating-masque-23.html?type=function&cat=masques you can leave this on over night and is translucent so it wont stain your pillow. I have tried this and it was really good, I have attached the links to both, as they have both been rated top marks with good reviews. You should try and see if any local salons do this range and try a few samples ?

  2. Hi
    Thanks for your Tweet! I have a question.

    My face can change day to day from oily to dry patches.

    I find when I moisturise at night the next day my skin is gressey and my make up (oil free minerals) slides off.

    What do you recommend? Also… I don’t always cream in the morning- just facewipe. Hell for me, I know!

    Thanks loads. X

    • Hi Emma, Dont worry let me try and suggest a few things for you.
      You seem to have combination skin. I would first recommend that you start of by using a face wash suitable for combination skin types which normaly consist of a gel or foaming wash texture. Face wipes dont really remove make-up, oil e.t.c thoroughly enough (tend to move oil and dirt around the face & most likely still leave a oily residue on the skin). A face wash will effectively wash away and give a deeper clean on the skin.
      Moisturizing at night allows the moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin so this is probably why you find it still greasey in the morning. Try just doing this a few times a week or just in the morning. Also possibly try using a clay face masque as they absorb excess oil and help to close open pores – You can do this once/twice weekly.
      See how you get on with this and let me know if you see any improvements at all……i hope this answers your questions? x

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