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Moisturizer & Foundation

Moisturizer & Foundation

Applying your makeup can be a tricky one if you don’t know how to, and as this may be your first makeup step on your skin its important you know how. What normally works for me is after I have cleaned my skin and applied my choice of moisturizer I wait about 5 minutes or so before applying any makeup on my skin. This is because I normally find that moisturizer needs time to settle in to the skin and absorb. Moisturizer does what the names states, it ‘moisturizes’ and therefore needs time to go into your skin and not be left sitting on top. Makeup tends to stick to tacky, oily skin so this is quite important. The best way to know when you are ready to apply makeup is to just press the back of your hand against your cheek to see if any residue comes off…if it does than wait a little while longer.

Another thing to take note of is when you have a shower or bath in the morning, that your pores are open and therefore you start to sweat. so never apply your makeup then jump in to have a shower or bath, as the steam will surely change the look of your makeup.

Just remember if your skin is oily then you will want to use a powder foundation and if your skin is dry choose one that is more of a liquid or creme consistency. Generally you either want to add moisture or control moisture,or just give your skin a sort of ‘dewy’ look. So think about your choice of foundation as this could be having a great effect on how your skin looks.

Overall your skin should look healthy with a slightly dewy look to it……hydrated but not greasy looking. Get this part right and you will find anything else you build on top will go on smoothly.Check your choice of moisturizer and foundation to make sure you have the right balance for your skin type so your skin will  look and feel as it should. If you are unsure remember there are makeup counters to choose from, where normally they are more than happy to offer a test on your skin, and find the makeup that suits your skin and lifestyle. For a choice of moisturizer you can visit either a skin counter in a department store, or go to a beauty therapist who should diagnose your kin type and maybe offer some samples. So check what you are using to see if you are looking the best you can look !


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