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Dermaroller – 2nd home treatment update !

Dermaroller – 2nd home treatment update !

 Home Dermaroller and cleaner      

Hi all, so thought I would do a little update of my skin since I have been using the home dermaroller. I have now done 2 treatments on my skin …..about to do my 3rd as I am sticking to the recommendation of twice weekly for the first 2 weeks. As I stated in my previous post of my skin, it was red and slightly raised afterwards,.This lasted for a couple of hours, as I then went to bed. The following morning on both occasions I washed my face in the morning and it was slightly stinging but that soon sub-sided. I applied my usual products and then put on my make-up as per usual but used a fresh makeup sponge. I have had only 2 spots come out of my skin but they have not been very noticeable. The only thing is I have noticed ever so tiny white spots on my skin (this is only at very, very close examination ) the size of a pin-head ! I thought I would say as those of you who maybe are thinking of trying this, this is a known effect of having dermaroller. Now being its the size of a pin-head, I have not been bothered as no-one has noticed and I believe it is oil and blocked pores being de-congested out of my skin. My skin has felt tighter and this has been after both treatments and feels quite nice and toned. I m sure my texture has improved as it just seems tighter and a little less oily. I actually enjoyed using the roller this time as I knew what to expect and can see that it is improving my skin. I have been paying more attention to my cheeks (where I have some slight pigmented marks from spots) my laughter lines and fore-head (very faint but wanted to start to prevent ). I’m looking forward to seeing my skin improve and love how this is a very natural way of stimulating and renewing my skin cells !

I’ll keep you updated guys, any questions …..message me xx


  1. So the little white spots…..it was just stuff being released from the skin? Or we’re they small pimples? I’ve seen derma rollers before but haven’t used. I have some hyperpigmentation and fine lines starting around the eyes and upper cheeks. Curious how well the derma roller really works. How did you use for?

    • Heya Claudia, the dermaroller is fantastic and im due another i believe myself. The little white spots happen because the skin has been stimulated so much the natural oils can get trapped under the skin. This can sometimes turn into tiny white spots called (milia) which is when keratin (protein in our skin)gets trapped in the outer layer…this is easily removed though and not often the case.
      I have the professional one done, ive had about 4/5 done over the last couple of years as the depth is different from the home use. Fantasic for fine lines i must say especially if your not into botox and so on at the moment.I find it has really plumped out and evend out my skin tome and made my texture super smooth, i love it!
      Ideally treatment should be a course of 3 every 6-8 weeks apart as this is when the collagen is at its peak….your skin keep improving following the weeks after a treatment.
      I use the home one every now and again as i normally forget i have it allong with all my other skin care products and regimes. For pigmentation it is also good but also consider using a medical skin care product like the range that i use http://www.zoskinhealth.com/. They are pricey but the more active ingredients you can find in products the better he results…hence why i use this. Have a look see what you think x

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