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Soprano Laser Hair Removal, for all skin types!

Thinking about how i was going to write about this has been a bit of a task. I wasn’t sure whether to do a review or just explain how the treatment works or ….i don’t know. But anyway i wanted to rave about this fairly new laser that is out and the results that have been fantastic. It is called the Soprano laser, yes Soprano laser hair removal. A funny name i know but gives serious results. This laser is a first as it is suitable for all skin colours whether it be Caucasian skin or black skin and is safe and very effective. Now you may well have heard of previous lasers being painful or not suitable for darker skin in the past, but this one is one of a kind. The heat that is used to destroy the dark hair gradually heats up, making the treatment very comfortable and tolerable. Especially for darker skin that has more pigment in so the laser heats up quicker than someone who has little or no pigment in the skin but in the hair only. The laser head piece has a cooling tip built in so if it is too warm, treatment can be stopped the headpiece rolled against the skin, and it cools the skin in about 3-5 seconds. It feels somewhat like a hot stone massage on the skin and after a while it feels quite nice with the heat. Almost any area can be treated on the body or face. You literally can only feel slight warmth on the skin and the occasional prickly feeling. Obviously areas like the bikini line or upper lip are slightly more sensitive but very much tolerable.

Price – This does depend on where you go for it really and what kind of clinic/salon you go to. Location may also pay a key point in pricing structure, and the fact it is a new high tec laser machine.

Recommendations – If you are someone who has previously tried another type of IPL/LASER hair removal method and found it too painful, i strongly recommend you to try this one.  Compared to Ipl treatment most people say they cant believe how comfortable it is, they hardly feel it at all. I would suggest having a good look on the Internet where this particular laser can be found. It is worth traveling for especially if the pain factor has always put you off. Treatment is usually every 4 weeks for at least 6 treatments so this may be the answer you have been looking for, as the commitment is that of only once a month.

I am open to any questions you may have about hair removal just drop me a message and i will be happy to answer back xx

If you would like to know how laser hair removal works i have written a previous post on this, in detail in a question and answer style. – http://www.lovebeautyskin.co.uk/?p=234


  1. Did you get bumps like shaving rash after your first treatment?

    • Some of my customers do experience this because of the amount of heat being delivered into the skin. This should however subside very quickly. Cold aloe vera kept in the fridge and refraining from any heat stimulating treatments will help also after treatments.

  2. hmm cool book with a lot of valuable information I’ll learn more about my skin hair and hair removal thanks for this review.

  3. Brilliant service and so reliable for everyone!

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