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Nails, nails back to my beautiful nails !

Nails, nails back to my beautiful nails !

So i have been aweing at ladies nails for weeks now, and after a little break from painting nails for some weird reason, i am back to making my nails look more presentable. I quite like to try different nail designs and patterns, i hope some of you will try this out yourself and be a bit more experimental. Dont be afraid of trying something new, and there’s nothing better than a bright colour to cheer up your day!

I am using Orly nail polish in colour – Siren

This is a classic summer holiday colour but i thought why not? Surely bright colours can be worn this time of year aswell !

Nails have been shaped with a nail file and cleaned with varnish remover

I have applied base coat varnish to stop nails from staining with colour

Just starting to paint the tips of my nails, this is done free hand after all lot of practising

All my nails painted with 2 coats having being used
Clasping the nail polish to show the true colour

Both hands painted

Both hands together showing my completed nails

Let me know how you get on if you will be trying this at home. My top tip is to use a cotton bud dipped in a little varnish remover. Wipe off so it is only damp and use this to remove messy colour from around the edges on the nail, or on the skin if it has gone over the edge. This took me about 15 minutes to do, but as i said it is after all lot of practising and having very steady hands.

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