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Holiday beauty !

Holiday beauty !

Ok so I know some of you are thinking what on earth am I doing talking about holiday beauty ? Well there are some privileged folks that like to holiday late in the year, so I thought I would do some quick tips on looking after your skin whilst holidaying. Everyone wants to feel and look great on holiday but not make too much of an effort whilst relaxing…maybe in the sun, or taking some time out with the family. Here are a few of my personal tips that I find keep me in check and also don’t take up to much of my time !

  • Fake lashes – I have these done a few days before going away. This is great and can be done by a beauty therapist in a salon and can last the duration of your holiday. I opt for individual lashes as they last a couple of weeks and find that they make the eyes look pretty and without the need for mascara. Also if a couple lashes fall out because they are individual they are less noticeable to see any gaps in the lashes.
  • Gel Nails – Again this needs to be done by a professional nail technician in a salon. Gel  nails is basically like nail varnish but it is set under a uv curing lamp to turn it into a solid coating over your natural nail. It can be done in colour or a french  manicure can be created. I love gel as it always gives a high gloss to your own nails and can be done on your fingers and toes.
  • Lip Gloss/Lip balm   – Keeping lips hydrated is always a good idea as this area often gets left. If you will going in the sun look for one that contains a spf.
  • Sunscreen – Always, always protect your skin…….no matter what skin colour you are, if you are in the sun wear a sunscreen. Re-apply all over the body as stated by the manufacturers guidelines. This is so important as about 80% of ageing comes from uva rays (the sun). Also some sunscreens have insect repellent in if you are prone to mosquito bites.
  • Now if you must wear makeup (maybe you have some blemishes or acne scarring on the skin) use either mineral makeup or tinted moisturizer. This way pores wont get clogged and the makeup wont just sit on top of the skin, which gives a greasy tacky look.
  • Moisturisers with some shimmer in are really nice whilst in the sun. Just think you have a dark tan, your skin is glowing……apply some over your arms and decolatage and give your skin that added warm glow of healthy skin.
  • I always like to use a moisturizer in the evening on holiday, as this helps to stop the skin peeling and keeps my skin looking healthy.
  • Take with you clear varnish or the shade you have your nails painted – keep a spare (unless you have had gel ) just in case the  varnish colour rubs off you can touch up yourself. This will save you trying to find a salon abroad and paying a fortune to top up.

Hope you found this useful xx

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