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Eyes, Brows & Lashes

Eyes, Brows & Lashes


Lots of tips for the eyes, brows and lashes, take your pick I’m sure there’s one tip for you here…… enjoy!

  • To avoid clumping mascara wait a few minutes before applying a second coat to lashes
  • Plucking brows is less painful after you have had a bath/shower, as the steam helps the hair follicle to be loosened
  • Pluck brows in the direction of your hair growth, it will be less painful and will ensure the hair comes out from the route
  • Pluck hairs in between brows, but never from above (you do not want  to lower the eye area)
  • Pluck brows individually so you can be more precise when shaping
  • Smaller eyes are better complimented by using lighter brighter colours
  • Pencil brows from the inside of the brow to the outer area of the brows towards temples
  • Add a few fake lashes from mid to end of lashes to make them appear thicker and fuller
  • Keep brows groomed as this really does frame your facial features
  • Use eye make-up remover to remove make up on the eye area as they are specifically formulated to be gentler on the delicate skin
  • Use a eyelash curler to make lashes appear wider and longer
  • Use eye cream to minimise crows feet and keep eyes looking young and hydrated
  • Pat on eyeshadow to get a heavier quicker application of colour on
  • Applying a touch of concealer under eyes can disguise dark circles and give the appearance of brighter more awake eyes
  • Use a liquid liner to create cats eyes (a thin black line above the top lid, that slightly tailors out) to give a more glamorous look
  • Sharpen brow/eye pencils each time you use them to keep them clean and free from bacteria
  • Use a dampened cotton bud to remove any mistakes and smudges
  • Dust away any fallen eyeshadow with your foundation brush (with little to no make-up on) this is still good to do anyway as it gives a gentle blend from the eyeshadow into your foundation
  • Use a little gel to tame brows and keep them in place
  • When applying mascara wiggle at the root and pull outwards slightly at an angle

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