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Skin Product Essential’s !

If you don’t know where to start when choosing  products, then this is for you. 3 basic products to start with that will get you into a good routine leaving your skin , clean, smooth and protected!

Cleaning the skin– The first  step in a beauty regime. This is definatly a must and the most important part of any skin care routine. Whether you choose a cleanser, face wash or foaming wash, they will all help to  prepare your skin for the day ahead and also before bedtime. Cleaning the skin should be done morning and evening every single day. There should never be an excuse for falling asleep in your make-up or just not being bothered to remove at the end of the day. Even if you do not wear make-up, cleaning the skin is still   essential. Removing oils, sweat and dirt from your skin, will ensure that your skin is being kept healthy and will minimise the chances of having blocked pores,breakouts and spots.

If you find you are short of time, why not go for the option of a face wash/foaming wash as this can also be done in the shower. Leave you choice of product somewhere that is of easy reach maybe on the sink in the bathroom. This will give a gentle reminder morning and evening and prompt you to remember to use it. I would recommended repeating twice to ensure the skin has been cleaned thoroughly. This  choice would normally suit oily to combination skin types.

When using a cleanser  you have the option of also washing your face after or using cotton pads to remove. If you are using cotton pads  then i would suggest removing until the pads  look completely clean, so you may find doing it twice may not be enough. This also is  good for over the eye area as cleansers feel more gentler for this area. This choice would suit more dry, dehydrated or ageing skin due to the moisture in cleansers.


Exfoliate – Ahhh a favourite of mine. I prefer the  more gritty ones but there are gentler exfoliators available for those of you with sensitive skin types. Absolutely the best way to freshen up the skin, get rid of dead skin cells and leave you with a smoother complexion. If you have never exfoliated then once you start you will love the results. No more then 2-3 times a week should this be done. Don’t over exfoliate the skin as it will cause irritation by speeding up your natural skins function which will strip away natural essential oils. Be careful over pustulus and acne skins as it will feel uncomfortable and if spots are opened it will spread bacteria, which may lead to more spots. So opt for a gentler exfoliator.


Sunscreen/spf (sun protection factor)-  This  should be used every day and is the last product over a moisturiser and before make- up is applied.  I try to wear mine everyday and is a very good habit to have. Most of our skins ageing comes from the sun which gives off UVA rays. These rays are what ages are skin  and also increases the ageing process. Some of you may say why cant i just use it in the summer then or on holiday? Well I’m afraid even if it doesn’t feel hot and the sun isn’t blazing down it still gives off these rays. Protecting your skin will help to protect against Skin cancer which is also found in darker skins. Don’t fool yourself in thinking you are exempt from wearing a spf if you have darker skin. Generally if you are a darker complexion you will have a natural spf of 8-15 because of the increased melanin (colour pigment) in the skin. But unfortunately skin cancer  is increasing in darker skin, so do take care and make this part of your routine.

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