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Relaxing Home pedicure!

Relaxing Home pedicure!

Pull out that foot spa at the back of the cupboard and give your feet some tlc. This is my easy way to have yourself a pedicure at home! If you cant afford a professional in salon treatment, why not try doing one yourself? 

Tools needed

Nail file

Foot soak/aromatherapy oil

Foot Rasp

Cuticle Pusher

cuticle oil

Foot scrub/Body Exfoliator

Foot cream/Moisturiser

Base Coat, Colour Polish, Top Coat

Towel”s x2

Set the scene….turn off the television….tune in  some relaxing music ….. sit back and aaaaaaaah!

  • Fill you foot spa with warm water or as hot as you like about 2/3 of the way and place on a large towel to protect from spillage
  • Add a little foot soak, bubble bath or some sweet smelling aromatherapy oils
  • Remove any old nail varnish from toe-nails before you begin to let them soak
  • Now soak your feet for as long as you like
  • Push cuticles back on each toe and remove any excess cuticle by gentle pushing away
  • When you are ready dry one of your feet but keep them a little damp – start to use your foot rasp to remove your hard skin form around the sides, ball’s of feet and and heels
  • you can now start to exfoliate this foot  to smooth over the skin and slough away any small flaky areas of dry skin (Remember to include on top, underneath and around the cuticle itself)
  • Do this to both feet, but you can leave the other foot in the water to continue soaking if you like
  • Dry both feet with a towel, remembering in between each toe
  • File your nails by filing straight across from left to right or right to left (file upwards afterwards to remove any ruff edges)
  • Massage your choice of either foot cream or thick body moisturiser in your feet. (Do this in a slow manner to enjoy kneading, rubbing and the relaxing feeling) Allow your palm to cover and firmly stroke your feet from the soles to on top, do this for a few minutes on each
  • Now wipe over each nail plate with varnish remover to remove any oils
  • Apply base coat polish
  • Apply 2 coats of colour varnish ( 2 thin coats is better then 1 thick one)
  • Apply topcoat, can be 1 or 2 coats
  • Dab a little cuticle oil around cuticles to hydrate nails and give the finishing touch
  • Now sit back again and allow your tootsies to dry!


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