Rasberry keytones (Holland & Barrett)


I have been hearing about Rasberry Keytones for a while now and of course in the media they were raving about it ……..’for a hot minute ‘ ! Not really one that would normally be interested in this sort of thing I have been toying with this product for a while. I  decided to do my own research, having read ... Read More »

Barry M – Daylight curing gel Review


So I went on another shopping trip a few weeks ago, and decided to treat myself to another lot of polishes. I went to the ever faithful Barry M section in super drug and saw they had some new nail paints in. I have always been a fan of Barry M and the forever  3 for 2 offer on in ... Read More »

Are your skin care products working ?

How frustrated have I been getting recently at the amount of ladies I speak to about their skin care products. I just think if you’re not seeing any kind of difference with what your using….it isn’t working and it’s a waste of money. Even if it’s the latest product to come out and be advertised. Don’t be fooled by the ... Read More »


So I wanted to give my personal recommendations what to expect when having  a laser or IPL Hair removal consultation. Its because time and time again I consult people who have been miss informed or simply haven’t been told the full in’s and outs of the treatment. I have done a few posts on hair removal before but wanted to talk about the ... Read More »

Makeup No makeup look (part 2)

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So can you believe I got up at 6:40 this morning, went gym, came back …….videod myself doing my makeup, got ready for work and spent a whole day doing laser hair removal. So yep im tired, crashed on the sofa, on my blog, Twitter and Youtube…huh ! So anyway I promised I would do a part 2 to my ... Read More »

(Makeup no makeup look part 1 )

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So I show you what I have had on my skin today…… be it late. I will do a second video tomorrow showing you in the daytime what it looks like so you can see how natural it looks using the same products and also me applying it…so make sure you check out my YouTube channel! Read More »

Have you got oily skin ?

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Just a quick video asking if you have oily skin and I give you 3 tips to help with this. Oily skin can be a big big hassle ! Makeup doesn’t sit well, it slides off and gives a greasy look….which isn’t the best. So I have had oily skin previously although it is more or less evened out now, ... Read More »

MAC lipstick review – Frost (Odyssey)

My beautiful picture

You really can’t go wrong with the Mac brand. Such a wide range of colours to suit all skin types and tones. So I have re-purchased…well actually I got this for free  which is even better. But have a look at this colour and watch my video to see why I like this so much ! Read More »

What is exfoliating ?


Hey all so I done a little video for any of you that are not sure what exfoliation is. I show you what it looks like, various names used and how to use it correctly. I have done other posts previously on this subject – Exfoliation methods, St Ives Apricot scrub , Elemis salt Glow review so have a flick through ... Read More »

ZEIN OBAGI (ZO) Sunscreen & primer

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I have done a video to go along with this post so you all can hear in detail more about this product but I wanted to just add in  a few more details about this product and why its so important to be using a sunscreen….and this includes us dark skin folks too ! Product : ZO Sunscreen & primer spf ... Read More »

My tips – 1st step looking after your skin

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I give you my personal tips in the first step in looking after your skin, I give you the benefits and the reasons why this is important to do so. Feel free to post me your comments or any questions you may have about your skin. Hope you enjoy and subscribe to my You tube channel for more of my ... Read More »

ZEIN OBAGI – Anti ageing program

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So I know its been  while, but I have done a few videos recently so here’s the first one. I show you my current skin care routine and why I use what I use. I believe these products have made a difference in my skin and recommend them to any of you that want to move more into ‘serious skincare’ ... Read More »


DSCN3923 (Large)

Ohhhh yes im still jucing away, and thought I would just post up for you all to see. Well if you do follow me on twitter then you would see my pictures of my freshly made morning juices going up. I took 1 of these to work to snack on during the day in the hope it would stop me ... Read More »


DSCN3460 (Large)

Hey all so I went off to Morrocco to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago…wooohhooo. It was fab, loved it and really had a good time their. Read More »

Bantu knot hairstyle (alternative )

ppp (Large)

Hey all so I tried this style out over the weekend and it just gave me a slightly different look. Most of you will know I like to try out different hair looks so yes even though im sportimg my natural fro, I still want to find a few wearable styles I can do. This one took only a few ... Read More »

Sensodyne Complete Protection review

DSCN3249 (Large)

So hey all, I was sent a Sensodyne toothpaste to review and I gladly accepted. I’m a bit of a teeth person anyway as I spend ages cleaning them every night especially and in the morning. I have everything from floss, interdental brushes…(multiple sizes) tongue scraper and the list goes on. I of course don’t use everything at once, but teeth are important to me. Grooming is not just ... Read More »


DSCN3267 (Large)

So as I am celebrating my wedding anniversary today I thought what better colour then Red to have on my nails…colour of love apparently ! So recently I have really been into water transfer designs and couldn’t resist ordering myself some Louis Vuitton (hope its spelt right). I have all sorts which I ordered from Amazon and they are so easy to ... Read More »

Bantu Knots the finished look (day after) part 2

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So all I have filmed my part 2 video of me actually taking the bantu knots out, undoing them and styling my hair. As suspected the curls have come out even tighter then when I done it on dry hair. I am wearing it in a neat cute afro rather then a big one, but if I wanted I could ... Read More »


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So I decided to offer you all some of my personal tips that I use and that I follow. These tips generally work for me so take a look for yourself and hopefully you will be able to use some of them x Read More »


DSCN3135 (Large)

Finally I have found a eyebrow kit that I love and you can click here on my YouTube channel to see why i find it so so easy to use. Ladies those of you that love a bit of something extra to your brows then I would reccomeneded this. Its so easy to use, comes with 2 different angled brushes and some handy tweezers ... Read More »


My beautiful picture

Hey all so I decided to film myself removing my day makeup on my You Tube channel (press here) so you can see one of my cleansing routines. In this one I use a cream cleanser from Garnier and the toner to go along with it. This is my easy , lazy can be bothered to go bathroom routine….but still ... Read More »


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Hey all so I have finally got round to doing a welcome video for my You Tube channel. Please have a look, obviously subscribe and btw its free to do so and this way you will see my videos as soon as they come out. I have started doing hair tutorials as of today as I often get asked on ... Read More »


DSCN2811 (Large)

Ahhh ok so I am still lovin the MUA Makeup brand, its value is phenomenal and I can’t stop buying it and talking about this brand to my friends. So for any of you that would like to invest in more makeup but on a budget, then have a look at this brand . I have also done a video on my You Tube Channel, ... Read More »


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I’m just loving this lipstick I bought whilst in duty-free a while ago.. I can’t seem to help having a mooch around the MAC counter to see what newbie makeup I can add to my collection.I have been after an orange/red lipstick for a while now and couldn’t find the right shade…until now. I was so happy as I found one that was a good mixture ... Read More »


DSCN2722 (Large)

So this is my healthy morning juice that I did this morning. I have done a video for you all to see here on my YouTube channel so please click here and  take a look  . so please have a look and also subscribe to keep up to date. I normally have a green juice but decided to do a different ... Read More »


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I’m not claiming to have perfect skin by far, but I do know a fair bit about making skin look brighter and healthy. It only takes a bit of tlc and using the correct products to achieve this. Now believe it or not I don’t actually have many in salon treatments done but I do have a very good skin care regime ... Read More »


Look after those hands, be proud of those hands!

So those of you that know me, know that I am allway’s doing my nails and have an addiction to them looking in tip-top shape. If you see me with bad nails then it most likely means something has happened either I had a miss hap or I was unwell ! So I am just sharing with you all below some of ... Read More »


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So all I am back on the You Tube thing now, started back up on my videos, I kinda forgot how easy they are  to do so you will be pleased to know ive started back. I talk about one of my favourite products The Zein Obagi  1% vitamin A night cream. The results have been really good,and can help a full range of skin ... Read More »

My nail art designs (Part 1)

Gel nail art designs

I show case some of my previous nail art designs for you to have a mooch at. Hope you like them and feel free to try them out and let me know what your favourite design is. I have only selected a few as you very well may know I absolutely love nail designs. Enjoy xx   Read More »